Kindle Buyer Guide for Australia


New kindle 4 is available to ship to Australia!

Amazon announced new kindle 4 series on September 2011.
See kindle 4 (including kindle touch) buyer’s guide for Australia

This page is about kindle 3 (now named kindle keyboard). It’s also available as alternative at

Kindle is the best-selling ebook reader of 2010, not only for US but worldwide. It’s very light and handy. No backlight make reading very comfortable. And the best part is extra-long battery life that lasts 1 month.

I want to share my experience about buying and using amazon kindle 3 in Australia. I hope this review helpful for those who want to buy an amazon kindle in Australia. It will cover topics about

  • Where and how to buy amazon kindle in Australia ?
  • Kindle prices in Australia
  • Kindle wifi versus kindle 3G
  • Recommended kindle accessories in Australia

Where can I buy amazon kindle in Australia?

I recommend buying the kindle from (US.) rather than Australian resellers. The price is cheaper and shipping is fast. Your kindle will be automatically linked to your amazon account. This will help you buy kindle ebooks easily.

1. First, go to the right page of kindle for international shipment.

  • Kindle wifi ($139) for international shipment
  • Kindle 3g ($189) for international shipment

2. Find “Live outside US.” box located on the right side of the page. Then choose  “view information specific to your country”.

3. Choose Australia in country box. Then click “To ship a Kindle to Australia you must purchase a Kindle from this separate page.” This will take you to the kindle for Australia page.

4. Choose “Add to cart” on the right side of the page. Notice text “ship to: Australia”. Follow the instruction on amazon website and you’re done!

If you don’t have account. You’ll be asked to create an account with It’s necessary to have an account to buy kindle and kindle ebooks.

You can select additional accessories available under the “Add to cart” button. Some of them will have special price when you order along with you new kindle.

Kindle price in Australia

Below is the total price for the kindle when ordering from (shipping and tax included).

Kindle wifi include shipping fee costs 159.98 USD

Kindle 3g include shipping fee costs 209.98 USD

How long does it take to ship kindle to Australia?

Your kindle will be shipped to Australia in 3 to 5 business days. Amazon shipping is very fast and reliable. You can track your shipping progress online by loggin in to your amazon account.

Kindle 3 Wifi-only or Wifi+3G ?

I recommend kindle 3g rather than kindle wifi. Amazon provides free 3G service across 100 countries without annual contracts, no monthly fees. This means you can download ebooks anywhere, anytime even without a wi-fi connection. Below is the 3g coverage map in Australia. Light purple indicates EDGE/GPRS coverage while dark purple indicates 3G coverage.

Full version of global 3g coverage map is available here.

What are included with a new kindle?

Your new kindle comes with USB connector that allow you to charge and transfer data with your computer. Stuff not included and you might need are power adapter, clip-on light and sleeve or cover.

Kindle power adapter for Australia

Kindle comes with USB charger that allows your to charge your kindle with you computer’s USB port. However if you want to charge your kindle without a laptop. Kindle power adapter AU type I will be useful.

Kindle power adapter for Australia is available here.

Recommended kindle accessories

If you buy a new kindle. I recommend the lighted leather coversThe kindle screen doesn’t illuminate in the dark, like the real paper, so you need a light source to read in your bedroom. This specially designed kindle cover have built-in light that draw power from the kindle itself.

See more information about lighted leather cover here.

I’m very happy with my kindle. I wish this information helpful for you. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment below. (Don’t spam me ;P)

Kindle covers Australia

Kindle covers buying guide for Australia has the largest selection of kindle covers for you to choose. You can buy it together with your new kindle or separately. Amazon will ship the kindle and its accessories to Australia within one weeks.

See kindle buyer guide for Australia

The most functional kindle covers

Kindle lighted leather covers by Amazon is specially designed for the kindle with the best functionality. It protects your kindle and has built-in light that draws power from the kindle itself.

Chic and Charming kindle covers

Kate space New York collection is a charming and playful kindle covers. Bold colors and clever designs dress up covers crafted in coated canvas and patent leather. A special hinge system attaches your device to the cover, keeping it secure so that your Kindle is protected in the utmost of style.

Light and stylish kindle covers

BUILT neoprene kindle sleeves feature the brand’s proprietary hourglass shape and form to hold your Kindle tight, with a soft inner lining to protect your Kindle screen from scratches.